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Collector’s Corner: Collectible Perfume Bottles July 23, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Antiques.

Scented oils and resins, and the vessels which held them, have existed since the dawn of history.

The Mesopotamians and Egyptians, like the Greeks and Romans who followed, burned incense during religious and civic ceremonies, and anointed their bodies with perfumed oils, ointments, and cosmetics. And of course, it was necessary to create special containers for those products.

Egyptian tombs have yielded containers made of pottery and alabaster, while archaeological excavations throughout the Mediterranean region have unearthed ceramic and glass containers made by the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans.

Venetian and Murano glass makers made what are considered some of the most exquisite perfume bottles in the 16th and 17th centuries A.D., while the British mastered enamel and porcelain in the 18th.

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