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Montreal museum takes to the streets….. July 23, 2006

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…..with outdoor photographic exhibition

The McCord Museum in downtown Montreal is featuring its first outdoor photographic exhibition until October 16.

Large-scale photographs have been mounted on specially designed aluminum supports along McGill College Avenue. Colour photographs from the museum’s collection are paired with black and white historic photographs of the city from the Notman Photographic Archives.

“To see a Notman photograph on such a grand scale is to really see it for the first time,” the museum said in a news release. “The tiny details that emerge in these large reproductions are truly impressive. The viewer is drawn into the photo and immersed in the scene.”

William Notman spent 35 years as a photographer in Montreal, building up the largest photography business in North America. He died in 1891.

The McCord Museum contains some of the country’s most significant cultural treasures, including a comprehensive collection of clothing and an extensive collection related to aboriginal history and art.

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