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Play staged in bathroom August 4, 2006

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A new play set and staged in a bathroom is a surprise hit in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

The play, entitled Thorough Search, is staged in a bathroom at the Renaissance Theatre, reports Folha de Sao Paulo.

Only 30 people can fit inside the bathroom and they have to remain standing during the 30-minute performance.

A spokesperson for the producers said: “We are a huge sucess. We have to perform extra shows every week!”

Spiderman suit breakthrough August 4, 2006

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Soldiers of the future could use special “Spiderman” suits to walk up sheer surfaces and even stick to the ceiling.

BAE Systems has developed a material that closely mimics the feet of a gecko lizard, which can scale vertical glass.

The research is still at an early stage but the firm said “infantry climbing suits” could be made out of the material, giving the troops gecko-like abilities.

A “government organisation” is also interested in using the material for a “particular covert application” connected to surveillance, according to a BAE Systems spokesman.

The gecko’s foot is covered with tiny hairs, which are so small they effectively merge with molecules of things that they touch.

Dr Jeff Sargent, a research physicist at BAE Systems’ Advanced Technology Centre in Bristol, said: “We wanted to mimic this ability.

“We have made a small amount of this material and we have demonstrated that it will stick on glass surfaces to demonstrate that it’s got some potential.

“We have demonstrated we can do multiple attachments with this material – you can stick it down once and stick it down again. Having a Spiderman glove is a long way down the road, but in principle, you might have something like that.”

Robin Hood’s ‘house found’ in Sheffield August 4, 2006

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Archaeologists claim they have found the remains of Robin Hood’s house – in Sheffield.

The outlaw is usually associated with Nottingham but researchers believe he came from the South Yorkshire village of Bolsterstone.

Experts from Sheffield University have started a preliminary dig at the site of an 11th century castle in the village.

Robin Hood is a mythical character but researchers believe he was based on the son of Waltheof, the Earl of Huntingdon who fiercely opposed the Norman invasion.

Waltheof was the father of Robert Fitzwalter, an archer who became known as Robin Hood.

One of the volunteers at the archaeological dig, Steve Moxon, said: “This site might have major historical significance.

“Robin Hood was mythical, however Waltheof inspired the key ballad about the death of Hood and the 15th century prose account of him.”

Ultimate iPod accessory? August 4, 2006

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A US firm has invented a new iPod accessory which combines the portable music player with a toilet roll holder.

Manufacturers say the iCarta is designed to “enhance your experience in the smallest room”, reports the Daily Mail.

The gadget, which costs around £50, merges an iPod docking station with a loo roll dispenser.

The device delivers high-quality sounds from moisture-resistant speakers, according to the manufacturer Atech Flash Technology.

It also re-charges the iPod while playing songs – either pre-programmed or a random selection.

One website which reviews the latest technology described the iCarta as “one of the stranger iPod accessories we’ve ever seen”.

Bluetooth plane August 4, 2006

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A Bluetooth plane with no wires or connections between its main components has been built and flown in Portugal.

The 10ft long unmanned AIVA plane relies on a wireless network to link up its engine, navigation system and onboard computers.

Tests flights carried out in Portugal have shown that the “fly-by-wireless” system works well, reports New Scientist.

Cristina Santos, at Minho University in Portugal, who developed the plane, says the aim is primarily to reduce weight and power requirements.

“Also, if you do not have the cables then the system is much more flexible to changes,” she says.

Ms Santos says the idea of having no physical connections may seem scary at first but believes ultimately it will become accepted.

But she admits the system would need extensive testing before she would be willing to ride in a fly-by-wireless plane.