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Bread: Food staple throughout centuries August 11, 2006

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Bread, in one form or another, has been one of the principal forms of food for man from earliest times. In the Stone Age, people made solid cakes from stone-crushed barley and wheat. Wheat has been found in pits where human settlements lived 8,000 years ago. A millstone used for grinding corn has been found that is thought to be 7,500 years old.

The trade of the baker is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Loaves and rolls have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. In the British Museum’s Egyptian galleries you can see actual loaves which were made and baked over 5,000 years ago. Also on display are grains of wheat that ripened in those ancient summers under the Pharaohs. Bread, both leavened and unleavened, is mentioned in the Bible many times. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew bread for a staple food. Even in those days people argued whether white or brown bread was best. This debate still continues.

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