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Gatos Search Engines Network Creation September 4, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Internet.

Gatos search engines network is a total different approach for internet searching. Gatos is optimizing the speed and the quantity of multiple information giving a very fast search tool to the Global internet user.

Gatos search engine is a network of domain targeted search engines broadcasting information locally all over the world.

Searches and displays results from websites registered

in a specific top level domain ( .de ,.uk , .jp , it , .eu , .in, .cn, .fr e.t.c ).

Gatos display results based on the keywords provided by the creators of individual websites.

Gatos does not display the one specific webpage that contains the keyword; it displays the entire website containing the keyword.

Gatos is optimizing the speed and the quantity of multiple information you receive from the results of Search.

That gives the tool to discover fast millions of web sites speaking your own language in your own country.

The sequence for displaying search results are displayed randomly so we can secure more web sites will find themselves the road on the first pages of the results getting traffic never been expected.

From the 1st of September 2006 Gatos search engines broadcasting results in United kingdom, Germany, Italy, Greece and in the end of September five more countries databases will be live in the Global web.

Our target is within the next six months to launch more than 35 International search engines.

You can search Gatos in :
News Source: PRWeb

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