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Godiva’s new gold standard September 23, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Chocolate.

The gourmet-chocolate seller has redesigned its classic gold box and introduced new flavors in an effort to stay on top of candyland trends

Get ready for the gold rush. On September 29, a.k.a. “Gold Friday”, Godiva will unveil a new take on one of the great confectionery icons, the Godiva gold ballotin box of chocolates.

“Godiva’s gold box is one of the most recognized pieces of packaging in the U.S., along with Tiffany’s blue box and Bloomingdale’s big bag,” says Clay Gordon, a chocolate expert and editor of Chocophile.com. The makeover is part of a larger brand makeover but goes beyond mere repackaging, Godiva tweaked 23 of the recipes and added 11 new pieces.

Founded in 1926, Godiva dominates in the U.S. gourmet chocolate market, selling more than $200 million worth of confections each year. With medical studies trumping the health benefits of dark chocolate, the candy is a hot commodity. It’s also one of the top emerging luxury trends. Americans spent $15.8 billion on chocolate confections in 2005, according to the Commerce Dept., up 3% from the year before.

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