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Google buys YouTube October 10, 2006

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Analysis: Google buys goldmine – and legal landmine

This is one of the best article titles I have read online. A goldmine and at same time a legal landmine.

Bernhard Warner, formerly Reuters’ internet correspondent in Europe and senior editor for The Industry Standard Europe, the article’s author for The Times/UK, can’t be wrong!

Tech-company rivalry, not advertising dollars, lies at the heart of the bid for YouTube, writes Bernhard Warner
Call it dot-com madness 2.0. Google announced last night evening it would pay $1.65 billion (£880 million) in shares to buy the 19-month-old YouTube, an indebted video search engine accused daily of copyright infringement.
The paper outlay landed Google the hottest web property of the moment, with 72 million monthly visitors and 100 million videos served each day. It also acquired a potential advertising goldmine, and a legal landmine.

Legal troubles are a certainty. YouTube has its hands full responding to take-down notices from copyright holders who want their music videos and TV programmes removed from the site. It has struck a series of deals to keep the lawyers at Universal, CBS and Sony BMG at bay, but many more would prefer their licensed material to remain off the site – or else.

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