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Long live the metrosexual October 14, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Gay Life, MetroSexual.

Male vanity, once a ticket to mockery, is now not only a ticket to celebrity – it’s a method of survival.

Reports of the “death” of my Frankenstein’s monster with perfect skin, the metrosexual, have been greatly exaggerated. In Europe and the UK at least, it seems he’s alive and looking very well in his lovely new eyeliner. In fact, he’s busy recruiting your kids – and giving them large pectoral muscles in the process.

In an article entitled Metroboys, published in the Dutch magazine Marketing Tribune, Norbert Mirani of the SMM Knowledge Centre, a trend research institute for Holland’s largest publisher of men’s magazines, reveals the results of a major survey of more than 1,000 Dutch males. The findings, he says, show clearly that while faddish “new names for new types of men have come and gone, the original metrosexual trend is anything but dead”.

Holland’s liberal attitudes towards homosexuality, widely mocked for decades, have become more or less standard in much of western Europe – even the UK. And the decline in the stigma of homosexuality was vital for the emergence of metrosexuality – the persecution and pathologisation of men who found the male body desirable was for years an effective way of keeping mainstream male vanity quaking in its walk-in closet. Flipping it around, the rise of metrosexuality means, of course, that it’s now more acceptable to be Dutch.

Arguably our youth are already as Dutch as Edam cheese. After all, not only have they adopted highly liberal attitudes towards recreational drug use, they’ve already been utterly brainwashed by that fiendish TV show Big Brother – a Dutch-made popularity contest which is usually won by a metrosexual. Or a transsexual. Or a homosexual. This year, though, the fact that a metrosexual won was of little significance, since almost all the males in the house were raving metro and ended up mainlining eyeliner.

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