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Metrosexual > new way to go October 14, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Gay Life, MetroSexual.

There is a new breed of male that is beginning to take over the world. He isn’t gay, although in the community many people may think he is. By now many people have heard the term “metrosexual,” but allow me to enlighten those who have not. A metrosexual is a straight male who takes care of himself and actually cares about the way he looks. He enjoys designer clothing, high-end grooming, and yes the company of beautiful women. But some of these guys still get ridiculed, so allow me to drill this into your heads: Leave them alone!

Let’s take a look back to when men only took about five minutes to get ready in the morning. Many would wake up to the horrible sound of the alarm, throw on the first thing that smells or looks clean, brush their teeth and then leave the house. They would wear a brown belt with black shoes. They would even go days, sometimes weeks without shaving. But then we began to see many male celebrities with their 5 o’clock shadow gone and hair that never moved even in hurricane-strength winds. So naturally, in the culture that we live in, men began to follow in the footsteps of these celebrities.

Slowly, they began to care about the way that they looked when out in public. My belief is that it started with the hair. I remember being in the seventh grade and thought that I was the only one who would use nice hair products. But then I began to see than many of my peers also did the same gel, tousle and hairspray routine that I did. So I no longer felt like an outcast and I am sure that many others felt the same way.

But nowadays, it seems as though metrosexuals are starting to outnumber “regular” guys more and more each day. It is hard to go anywhere now without seeing some guy who has highlights in his hair, is wearing a pair of Prada sunglasses and actually has his eyebrows waxed. Many men are now beginning to do things to take care of themselves that they never thought they would do, such as getting not only there eyebrows waxed, but also their chest, backs and legs.They are tanning more, whether it is outside or at the salon. They drive nice foreign cars and not only are they making over the outside, but the inside as well by embracing the diversity and culture around them.

Well, maybe that is going a little overboard here, seeing as how this place seems to be completely devoid of culture, but go to any big city and believe me, you will see guys taking there girlfriends on dates to the nicest restaurants in town and then to the theater. The only problem with this type of guy is that sometimes, if the whole metrosexual thing goes too overboard, they can be pegged as gay by their peers. I mean to be honest, there have been a couple of guys who I thought were gay because they looked put together and had on designer clothing. But after talking to them they were just regular guys who liked to do regular guy things. Well, some regular guy things. After all, they wouldn’t want to mess up their hair, now would they?

So as the metros of the world begin to take over, remember that there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself guys. No one is asking you to go as far as to spend $500 on a pair of Gucci loafers, but at least try to look put together for your girl or the girls out there.

And don’t judge a metro at first glance because you never know, someday you might actually get tired of looking scraggly and want to join in on this movement.

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