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Metrosexual tension down under October 14, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Gay Life, MetroSexual.

Australia’s men might have their problems, but they still have a strong sense of what it means to be male.

This is not to say that Australian men are chauvinistic Crocodile Dundee stereotypes. In Britain, no Premiership footballer has ever come out as gay. In Australia, rugby league star Ian Roberts came out back in 1995. And I saw far worse treatment of women among the British backpackers at Bondi than I ever witnessed from Aussie blokes.

It is easy to suggest that the only male identity in crisis in Australia is Latham’s own. The only “nervous wreck” is him. And his bizarre outburst is simply a projection of his own internal troubles onto the Australian nation.

While masculinity in Australia appears to me to be in a much healthier state than in Britain, the ravages of market capitalism and the commercialisation of sexuality are undermining traditional male roles down under, just as they are around the globe. Suicide rates among young men in Australia are high. Rural depopulation is a growing problem. But it will take a different sort of man from Latham to say it.

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