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Pirate boo-ty: Tips on decorating for Halloween October 21, 2006

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Dig up our treasure of tips for making your doorway scary this Halloween.

Arr! Buccaneers, jack-tars, scalawags and wenches – walk this plank if you dare!

If you think pumpkins and a few phony ghosts are so NOT scary we dare you to pillage this without finding yourself swinging on the wrong end of a long rope. OK, so it is all about looting the candy. Yar be pretty brave to get a fistful of ours.

Your voyage starts at the front walk with a “Pirates of the Caribbean” soundtrack. If you can’t figure out what yar in fer, then ye better pull ye swords. All manner of spider webs, nasty bilge rats and creepy skulls lead to a treasure chest filled with Halloween booty. Ye be warned! Yellow-livered trick-o’-treaters need not knock.


We got our inspiration from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” (available from video rental stores) and picked up the lingo and the look. Think swashbuckling pirates, gangplanks, hidden treasure and drippy caves.

You can set the mood from the walk with a “Pirates of the Caribbean” soundtrack available at the Disney Store (at malls in Brea, Main Place Santa Ana, Westminster, Laguna Hills and Costa Mesa, plus online at www.disneystore.com.) The Disney Store also offers Black Pearl flags, swords, the Jack Sparrow wig, hats and other pirate booty.

But you can get the whole crew involved. Let the kids construct signs and flags with materials from craft supply stores. Click on the links at right to download some helpful tools. We used black foam core and craft paint for our signs.

We used an old wooden chest, stuffed it with newspaper, then dressed the top with gold tinsel, coins and not-so-heirloom silver items to create our own pirate treasure. Browse the glittery silver and gold Christmas items in stores now.

We like eyeball lights from Target because they reminded us of poor shipman Regetti who had constant trouble with his wooden eye. We also found Wisecrack Jack there, the hanging skeleton with a wry sense of humor. He will insult your trick-or-treaters for you with lines like, “Nice Halloween mask. Oh yeah, that’s your face.”

Rig up some outdoor spotlights to highlight the treasure chest, spider webs and rats.

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