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Male breast cancer October 22, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in MetroSexual.

Guys, it’s time to check your breasts. Yes believe it or not you do have breast, no matter how small, toned or flabby they are.

On top of that shock, it’s not only your mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends at risk of breast cancer, you could get it too.

Although rare in males, figures released from Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the leading breast cancer research charity, show up to 300 UK males will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year and the figure is likely to increase due to a lack of awareness.

Although the dangerous disease rarely effects men in this country, research shows it can strike men both in later and younger life. The male disease has never really hit the headlines, as experts say blokes are too embarrassed and confused about the issue and often end up feeling isolated.

To find out more about how breast cancer effects men, go to www.breakthrough.org.uk

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