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Google says roll your own search October 24, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Google.

Google has opted for a new self-tailored approach to search, allowing users to create their own customised tool for their website or blog.

The new search facility, Google Custom Search Engine, allows users to choose which pages will be included in their search index, how the pages are arranged in order of priority and what the final page will look like. It will even allow you to decide if other users can contribute to the index, giving users full control over what makes the final cut.

The new search offering allows website owners to create a search engine that will provide information relevant to visitors, rather than the free-for-all that’s returned with regular, generic search engines.

“We want to make it easy for anyone to create a search engine about all of their favorite topics, without needing a PhD,” said Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google.

“Everyone — businesses, organisations, moms, dads, teenagers, and teachers — can harness the power of Google technology to create a personalised search experience that reflects specific knowledge and interests.”

There is also the opportunity to remove the usual ads from the Google customised offering, with universities, government organisations and non-profit bodies allowed to forgo the AdSense advertising.

A number of websites have already jumped on the customised bandwagon, including JumpUp.com, which is aimed at small businesses, and RealClimate.org, which offers expert opinion on the science behind climate change.

The new custom search engine is available here, and international availability is planned for the coming weeks.

Google has been very busy of late, buying up new services such as YouTube and establishing partnerships with companies like Ebay and Fox Interactive Media.

The company is also managing to hold off challenges from Yahoo and MSN, with the former showing poor results in the recent round of third quarter financial data.

However, Yahoo is planning to invest further in its search engine, upgrading it in a bid to snatch back some of the advertising revenue Google has gobbled up in recent years.

Google currently employs more than 9,000 staff, with 200 of those located in Dublin in its European headquarters. This number is set to rise over the next two years, with Irish staff set to hit the 1,000 mark.

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