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Grundig internet radio November 14, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Gadgets, Internet.

I love this concept; I love the idea of being able to scan the world’s radio stations at will. I love the idea of being able sample music from Iraq to India and from Cuba to Cyprus. And, being a Pom, I particularly love the idea of being able to tune in to the dear old BBC at any time.

And, with a few reservations, this unit, due for release next month, gets close to delivering all these things. The Grundig IR6114 is a dedicated internet radio player that connects to the internet via your broadband wireless home network (this last bit should give you a clue that this is a bit of an early adopter’s toy).

You can also set up the IR6114 to play music stored on your PC. It will handle formats including MP3, Windows Media and iTunes.

Configuring it to talk to a wireless network is reasonably simple, if a little fiddly, using the 10 buttons and scrollwheel to enter your network password.

Once hooked up, the IR6114 starts hunting down radio stations around the world using the Reciva network (http://www.reciva.com). It claims to have access to more than 2500 stations

Selecting a radio station via the small blue-lit LCD screen is easy, with the stations classified either by region (Africa, Americas etc) and then by country, or by genre.

One problem that quickly becomes apparent, however, is that internet radio can be very patchy at times, causing the unit to reconnect and rebuffer, leaving you listening to silence as it does so. Two other limitations are more specific to the IR6114 – it can only be run from the mains, which is curious for a wireless device and, conversely, there is no Ethernet connection to allow you to connect to your router by cable should you wish.

But even with these issues, this remains a well-designed, great-sounding gadget that is heaps of fun to use.

Grundig IR6114 Internet Radio > http://www.grundig-australia.com

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