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China’s 3G mobile technology set for commercial use December 6, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Mobile Telecoms.

China’s own technology for “third generation” cellphones is ready for large-scale commercial use, the Financial Times said Monday, citing ZTE, the country’s second largest telecom equipment maker.

Equipment based on the Beijing-backed TD-SCDMA standard for 3G telecoms services could now operate comparably with that of the rival European-led WCDMA standard and the US-favored CDMA2000, ZTE President Yin Yimin told the newspaper.

“Can TD-SCDMA now operate as an independent network? … We reckon that is no problem. Are there suitable handsets? … We reckon we can provide the handsets,” Yin told the FT. “Now it is up to the state and the operators.”

Commercial readiness for China’s TD-SCDMA technology could clear the way for Beijing to issue long-awaited 3G licenses to home telecom operators, the newspaper said. ZTE declined to comment on the report Monday.

Even as China seeks to push its own technologies, it says that it remains committed to opening its information and communication technology (ICT) industries to foreign investors.

Wu Bangguo, China’s top lawmaker, said in Hong Kong that multinationals who want to enter the mainland market are welcome to establish research and development centers, the Hong Kong-based Standard newspaper reported.

“China will persist with its basic state policy of opening up and continue to enhance ICT cooperation with all other countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

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