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Drinking in the luxury December 9, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Chocolate, Drinks & Beverages.

Drinking chocolates, a high-end name for hot chocolate made with high-end ingredients, blend convenience with indulgence: You just add milk, then heat and savor. This indulgence seems just right for holiday splurges.

We purchased eight similar drinking chocolates from specialty and department stores. The brands had varying ingredient lists and directions. We used whole milk and followed the manufacturer’s directions.

Ghirardelli was the hands-down winner for its decadent flavor and creamy texture. Following close behind was Godiva, then Germany’s Schokinag. Incidentally, of these three, Ghirardelli had the highest ratio of chocolate to milk. And the two that finished near the end had a much smaller ratio, and far fewer calories. The lesson here, as you probably know: With chocolate, more is usually better.

Here are the winners as well as tasters’ comments. The rest are listed in order of finish.

1. Ghirardelli > “Good, with a pleasing, earthy bitterness.” “The deepest chocolate hit.” “Wow. This is like a chocolate injection.”

2. Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffle > “Bright sweetness, brings balance to chocolate.” “Good chocolate; slight bitter ending is good.” “A little flat, too sweet.”

3. Schokinag Triple Chocolate > “Perfect balance of chocolate flavor and sweetness.” “Rich tasting but needs more choco-oomph!”

4. Hershey’s Cacao Reserve Classic Chocolate 

5. Archer Farms Triple Chocolate 

6. Lake Champlain New World 

7. Green & Black’s Organic 

8. Twinings Chocolate Indulgence 

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