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Exhibits around the world > Denmark December 13, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Arts.

STATENS MUSEUM FOR KUNST > To Jan. 7: “L.A. Ring: On the Edge of the World.”
While the Danish painter’s (1854-1933) early work may have carried a political connotation at a time when he felt indignation in the face of social injustices, his later work deals with nature and life among the rural population, and is infused with a touch of Symbolism. The show brings together about 80 paintings and a selection of ceramics. www.smk.dk

LOUISIANA MUSEUM FOR MODERNE KUNST > To Feb. 25: “Starlight: 100 Years of
Film Stills.” One of the ways to remember films is through images used for promotion that later became iconic. The exhibition offers more than 700 stills, from Casablanca, Citizen Kane, The Gold Rush, Gone With the Wind, and more recent films, that offer an overview of the scary, romantic, erotic or violent moments of a medium that has offered so much entertainment to so many.  www.louisiana.dk

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