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Exhibits around the world > Hong Kong December 13, 2006

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HONG KONG HERITAGE MUSEUM > To April 9: “The Fun of Collecting.” The art of collecting often comes with economic prosperity. About 1,000 objects, on loan from four private collections, are organized in categories that illustrate each collector’s distinctive tastes and interests: card cases that became fashionable with the use of calling cards; Chinese export silverware; glassware manufactured in the United States during the Great Depression and ancient Chinese hair ornaments.  http://hk.heritage.museum

HONG KONG MUSEUM OF ART > To Dec. 3: “Artists and Their Models: Masterpieces From the Centre Pompidou, Paris.” The French museum has loaned early 20th-century paintings, sculptures and installations that focus on the relationship between the artist and his model. Among the artists on display are Picasso, Matisse, Soutine, Balthus, Adami and Martial Raysse.  http://hk.art.museum

UNIVERSITY MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY > To Dec. 17: “Art & Imitation in China.” Artists have always drawn inspiration from the great works of the past. In China, it has become a practice that ranges from sincere emulation to venal deception. The exhibition explores three different forms: imitation in the form of archaism as it began in the Song dynasty (10th to 13th century); assimilation of motifs and designs from other cultures; and recreation of works in media that are different from the original craft. The display includes about 200 ritual bronzes, ceramic vessels, jades, and ink and oil paintings, among others.  www.hku.hk/hkumag

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