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Exhibits around the world > Netherlands December 13, 2006

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RIJKSMUSEUM > To Dec. 31: “The Observer.”
Drawings by Rembrandt documenting how the artist views the world around him and how he records it.  www.rijksmuseum.nl/

VAN GOGH MUSEUM > To March 4: “Vincent van Gogh and Expressionism.” After his death in 1890, van Gogh became popular in German and Austrian artistic circles, with German collectors and curators being among the first to buy his work. Such Expressionist artists as Kirchner and Kandinsky were influenced by his intense colors, while Kokoschka was by his emotional approach and his psychological portraits. About 20 works by van Gogh and 40 by Expressionist artists are in the display, drawn from the museum’s own holdings or on loan from the Neue Galerie in New York.  www.vangoghmuseum.nl

GRONINGER MUSEUM > To Dec. 3: “Miguel Rio Branco: Out of Nowhere.”
The artist (born 1946) began his career in the painting medium which he abandoned to pursue photography and film-making. Although he is mainly known as a photographer, he now creates installations in which he combines his photographic work with painting, film, newspaper cuttings and music. Nine of these installations are in the show.  www.groningermuseum.nl

KUNSTHAL ROTTERDAM > To Jan. 28: “Henry Moore and the Challenge of Architecture.”
The exhibition focuses on the architectural side of the English artist’s sculptures. Having stated that architects usually considered public sculpture as a “mere surface decoration” to adorn their buildings, Moore (1898-1986) attempted to make sculpture an integral part of a building. He also used the abstract concept of “architectural contrasts of masses” to create independent sculptures. Several architectural commissions are documented in the show with drawings and sculptures. www.kunsthal.nl

MAURITSHUIS > To Jan. 28: “Rubens & Brueghel: A Working Friendship”
Few know that many Dutch and Flemish paintings from the 17th century were painted by more than one artist. The collective paintings of Antwerp artists Jan Brueghel the Elder and Peter Paul Rubens are some of the best works in this category. While Rubens painted figures, Brueghel worked on landscapes with fauna and flora. The assemblage offers 12 such joint efforts as well as works for which both artists teamed up with other contemporaries (Brueghel with Hendrick de Clerck, Rubens with Frans Snijders).  www.mauritshuis.nl

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