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Exhibits around the world > Philippines December 13, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Arts.

AYALA MUSEUM > To Jan. 31: “19th and 20th Century Philippine Treasures.”
The exhibition illustrates the evolution of influences on Philippine art, from the 300-year reign of the Spanish conquistadors to the advent of postcolonial modernism. The display features works by 19th-century artists: “Reclining Nude” and “Seated Lady in White,” by the realist painter Juan Luna; works by the genre painter Fernando Amorsolo and hand- colored lithographs by Justiniano Asunción, as well as 19th-century religious sculptures, costumes and jewelry.  www.ayalamuseum.org.

LOPEZ MUSEUM > To April 5: “Fuzzy Logic: Art & Science.” The exhibition tentatively surveys how Filipino visual art and popular culture have, over time, weighed in on questions of craft, mechanization, industrialization and development, and living in the age of interactive TV and surveillance cameras. A cursory scan through relevant reads reveals that these engagements span ironic extremes, from ultra-nativism/self-exoticization to hybridization and blind appropriation, and yet, Fuzzy Logic plays on the volatility that rings with shifting territories, ever-changing avatars, elastic virtual communities, and multiple versions of the real.  www.lopezmuseum.org.ph

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