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Giant saves dolphins, horse restores sight and Santa comes under fire December 28, 2006

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Without a doubt, the weirdest, quirkiest and downright pretty much most unbelievable story this week was the world’s tallest man saving dolphins. Towering at a mighty seven feet and 8.95 inches, Bao Xishun was drafted in to help when attempts to remove plastic shards from two dolphins’ stomachs failed as the creatures contracted their stomachs.

Xishun’s unusually long arms meant that he was able to reach inside their stomachs and pull the shards out, turning himself into a worldwide hero overnight.

A 23-year-old man was literally left red-faced this week after he was hit in the face with a cricket ball while testing his eco-friendly cricket box. Ben Foster ended up with a split eyebrow following the incident but managed to remain good humoured.

“The box stood up well,” he said. “We just need to make an eco-friendly helmet. I am perfectly fine in the box region, it is my head that’s sore.”

Most people love seeing others dress up as Father Christmas at this time of year, but it seems that not everyone feels the same way in Scotland’s Renfrewshire. The Paisley shopping centre’s Santa Claus has been forced to wear a hard hat after he was pelted with mince pies, the Metro reports. Less-than-savoury characters threw the food at him as he was handing out presents to shoppers. Centre bosses have now issue Santa with a hat in case there are any further attacks.

One man who is unlikely to be deterred by such attacks is 78-year-old Dan Jones. He has been playing Santa for 54 years, despite 17 heart attacks, two strokes, cancer and kidney failure. According to the Sun newspaper, Mr Jones even refuses to shave in the run-up to Christmas so that he has a genuine white beard.

“I’ve never missed a year — and don’t plan to start now. My philosophy is that there’s always someone worse off than you,” he told the paper.

“Being Santa is fantastic. Some of the little kids really think I am Father Christmas and, to be honest, sometimes I believe I am as well.”

A New York man who has been blind in his right eye since being struck with shrapnel 64 years ago has had his sight returned after being kicked by a horse. Don Karkos had been told by doctors that nothing could be done to restore his sight, but after being kicked in the same spot as the shrapnel he found that he could see a few hours later.

“I was putting a collar around his chest, and he whacked me real hard with his head,” he told the New York Daily News. “I was pretty shaken up, kind of dazed. Then, later that night, I started to get the vision back in my right eye.”

He added: “It was unbelievable. I’ve been seeing doctors all my life, and they’ve always told me there is nothing can be done.”


Saved by BBQ sauce, pole dancing for kids and snow for sale December 28, 2006

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Although they probably wouldn’t want to admit it, a new survey has found that most condoms are too big for Indian men. The two-year study from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) claims that condoms on the market are oversized as their penises are shorter than the international standard for condoms. Doctor Chander Puri of the ICMR told the BBC that there is an obvious need for custom made protection to meet the needs of Indian men.

As Christmas approaches and it looks like once again the majority of us won’t see any of the white stuff, one company has come up with the idea of selling a vanload of snow. Bids for the ten-tonne delivery are being made on the internet auction site eBay, with current offers standing at the £700 mark. Whoever gets their hands on the snow will also become the owners of a decorated Christmas tree, a front door wreath and Christmas lights.

“If you were dreaming of a white Christmas, this unique listing can make your dreams come true,” said eBay spokesperson Richard Kanareck. But a warning comes with the offer, saying: “There is no guarantee attached to how long the snow will last and there is no provision for the snow to be removed.”

Smokers trying to kick the habit got more than they bargained for after they were mistakenly prescribed Viagra by doctors. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said that the blunder was due to a technical computer problem and that when GPs selected the anti-smoking pill Zyban computers chose sildenafil, the generic name for Viagra. A statement for the trust sought to reassure patients, saying that “at no time” was care affected.

Fans of pole dancing often rave about how great it is for toning figures, but now a fitness instructor has proposed that lessons be given to children. According to the Metro Laraine Riddell believes that kids as young as 11 should consider lessons.

“It has nothing to do with what you see in strip clubs,” said Ms Riddell. “It is a way of getting fit and having fun.”

A Japanese civil servant managed to survive 24 days stranded on a mountain by eating barbeque sauce. Mitsutaka Uchikoshi was with a group of workmates at a BBQ when he decided to walk down the mountain rather than go with them in the cable car. When he didn’t turn up the authorities were alerted and climbers sent out to find out.

Two weeks later, Mainichi Daily News reports, he was found with a broken pelvis and was unable to move. Recovering in hospital, Mr Uchikoshi said that he has spent the time taking small sips from a water bottle and the barbeque sauce bottle he was bringing back with him.

Fart grounds plane, strippers get tax benefits and arrest over Christmas present December 28, 2006

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Good news for strippers in Norway as an appeals court in the Scandinavian country has ruled that they should not have to pay value added tax. Why? You may well ask. Well apparently it’s because the saucy dance is ‘art’. Three judges ruled unanimously that “striptease, in the way it is practised in this case, is a form of dance combined with acting,” according to the AFP news agency.

What with current fears over terrorism, it’s probably not the best idea to attempt to take matches onto a flight and light them. But this is exactly what one woman did recently and caused an American Airlines plane carrying 104 people to make an emergency landing. Passengers reported the smell of sulphur from burning matches. But no, it was not someone with evil intent, but instead a woman trying to cover up a particularly grotesque fart. The woman was quizzed by police and later released.

Festival officials have squared up to pesky arsonists this year in Sweden to protect their straw goat. The goat is built each year for the festival in Gavle, which stretches back four decades, but most years it goes up in smoke within minutes.

But this year the officials are one step ahead of the arsonists and have coated the goat in flame resistant chemicals which should make a full-scale torching impossible. A local spokesman told the BBC: “No-one is going to get our goat this year.”

Here’s a warning for curious kids at Christmas time: a 12-year-old boy has been arrested for opening his Christmas presents early. The boy, from South Carolina in the US, was arrested by two officers after his mother persuaded them to do so to teach him a lesson. Brandi Ervin told the Associated Press news agency: “He’s been going through life doing things … and getting away with it. It’s not even about the Christmas present… I’d rather call myself than someone else call for him doing something worse than this.”

Although you might expect our armed forces to use the latest technology in all cases, it seems that this may not always be the case. After a mid-air mechanical fault with a hatch door an RAF crew used a teapot to block the hole. The Nimrod had taken off from Cornwall and was on its way to RAF Kinloss in Moray, Scotland. But airman Neil Campbell denied that the crew were ever at risk, saying: “It was a simple case of covering up a hole to stop the wind whistling in. It had no safety implications and really is a storm in a teapot.”

Pregnant man, breast furniture and sweet revenge December 28, 2006

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A pregnant man has been given a slap on the wrist for claiming that he was, well, pregnant. Charles Sibindana, 27, from South Africa, attempted to fake a sick note by using a stolen medical certificate from a centre used by his pregnant girlfriend. But bosses, unsurprisingly, raised the alarm when it mentioned that gynaecologists were involved – doctors Mr Sibindana was apparently unaware are just for women.

He has been fined £70 for the forgery and told “to not to walk around faking sick letters from gynaecologists” as if he were pregnant.

One man learnt that cheating is wrong this week in the most shameful and embarrassing way that his then girlfriend could imagine. Sam Deakin, whose lover Matt East was doing the dirty on her, discovered that not only was he dating one other woman, he was trying to date another 20. Getting her revenge in the best way she knew how, Ms Deakin went online to his MySpace page and changed the captions to his photos to mock him and then altered his password so that he could not access the site, the Sun reports.

Mimicking the Mastercard advert, Ms Deakin wrote: “Dinner in a posh restaurant…$100. Night in a top hotel…$200. Finding out your boyfriend is a lying scumbag and changing his MySpace page so everyone can see…priceless.” The site received more than 500,000 hits in five days with women dismissing him as a “total loser”. But despite the public shame, Mr East does not seem to be that bothered, telling the tabloid: “I admit I cheated. I’m just a man.”

A contest to find the schoolboy or girl with the biggest bum has been scrapped in Brazil after officials branded it offensive. Mix Radio’s Biggest Ass in School competition invited pupils to take pictures of their classmates’ and teacher’s backsides, Ananova reports Terras Noticias Populares as saying.

The pictures were to be sent into the station and a cash prize given to the biggest found, but understandably a court in Sao Paulo ruled that the competition is illegal. A spokesperson for the Sao Paulo justice department said: “This contest is offensive and violent, we can’t tolerate it.”

If you’re looking for a piece of unusual furniture, then Dutch carpenter Mario Philippona’s products could be just the thing – if you like women. His range of cupboards, wardrobes and tables are inspired by female anatomy, for example one piece in the range, entitled TittyFruity is a fruit bowel adorned with life-sized breasts. Nice.

“The shape of a woman, her organic architecture, combined with my passion for wood inspired me to sculpt these sexy designs,” he said.

Golf in space, man shoots own privates and panto genie is too fat December 28, 2006

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A learner driver who only has partial eyesight has been barred from driving after neighbours dubbed him Mr Magoo. Peter Davis of Burry Port, south Wales, who has just 50 per cent vision in one eye and 45 per cent in the other, terrified locals after his car crashed into a garden fence and mounted a kerb. But despite failing an eye test Davis told Men and Motors: “My driving is perfect. It has taken me about four years to get this far and I don’t think I’m far off my test.”

Most people in charge of getting the family ready for Christmas could probably have told you this themselves, but the average mother spends 13 days preparing for Christmas. According to a survey conducted by Kaleidoscope catalogue, mums spend 288 hours shopping, 4.19 hours wrapping presents, 3.03 hours decorating the house, 4.27 hours preparing the Christmas lunch and 4.38 hours cooking it. Phew, no wonder one in five said they hated the festive season.

As well as carrying out important repair errands, astronauts at the International Space Station have managed to squeeze in some time to play golf in space. Astronaut Mikhail Tyurin will hit the golf ball as part of a commercial activity, and it is expected to orbit the Earth for three days before entering the Earth’s atmosphere and burning up.

Being a criminal obviously brings its own risks, but a would-be kidnapper probably wasn’t expecting to shoot himself in the testicles. The 23-year-old Wichita man attempted to kidnap a teenager over a dispute about stereo speakers and fired a shot at the victim. But when he jammed the gun back into his trousers he accidentally fired a shot into his privates and then into his calf. According to the Wichita Eagle the man was arrested after he walked (limped, surely?!) into a medical centre seeking help.

Panto season is nearly upon us, but one man who won’t be taking part as much as he would like to is Alan Myatt. The 23-stone man was meant to play the genie at Gloucester’s New Olympus Theatre, but, despite a widening of the trap door, he is simply too big for the role. He told the Daily Mirror: “I’m just too big to be the genie anymore. The time has come to hang up my lamp. I’m not as agile as I used to be.”

Some people may not regard it as a sport, but the world champion of the rock, paper, scissors game is hoping to win the Sports Personality of the Year competition. According to 28-year-old Bob Cooper, winning the championships is down to “hard work, training and lots of research into tactics, body language and basic psychology”. He told the BBC: “Hopefully I could get nominated for Sports Personality of the Year, or we could begin a campaign to reopen nominations.”