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Fart grounds plane, strippers get tax benefits and arrest over Christmas present December 28, 2006

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Good news for strippers in Norway as an appeals court in the Scandinavian country has ruled that they should not have to pay value added tax. Why? You may well ask. Well apparently it’s because the saucy dance is ‘art’. Three judges ruled unanimously that “striptease, in the way it is practised in this case, is a form of dance combined with acting,” according to the AFP news agency.

What with current fears over terrorism, it’s probably not the best idea to attempt to take matches onto a flight and light them. But this is exactly what one woman did recently and caused an American Airlines plane carrying 104 people to make an emergency landing. Passengers reported the smell of sulphur from burning matches. But no, it was not someone with evil intent, but instead a woman trying to cover up a particularly grotesque fart. The woman was quizzed by police and later released.

Festival officials have squared up to pesky arsonists this year in Sweden to protect their straw goat. The goat is built each year for the festival in Gavle, which stretches back four decades, but most years it goes up in smoke within minutes.

But this year the officials are one step ahead of the arsonists and have coated the goat in flame resistant chemicals which should make a full-scale torching impossible. A local spokesman told the BBC: “No-one is going to get our goat this year.”

Here’s a warning for curious kids at Christmas time: a 12-year-old boy has been arrested for opening his Christmas presents early. The boy, from South Carolina in the US, was arrested by two officers after his mother persuaded them to do so to teach him a lesson. Brandi Ervin told the Associated Press news agency: “He’s been going through life doing things … and getting away with it. It’s not even about the Christmas present… I’d rather call myself than someone else call for him doing something worse than this.”

Although you might expect our armed forces to use the latest technology in all cases, it seems that this may not always be the case. After a mid-air mechanical fault with a hatch door an RAF crew used a teapot to block the hole. The Nimrod had taken off from Cornwall and was on its way to RAF Kinloss in Moray, Scotland. But airman Neil Campbell denied that the crew were ever at risk, saying: “It was a simple case of covering up a hole to stop the wind whistling in. It had no safety implications and really is a storm in a teapot.”

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