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Fire-saving donkeys, fishy smells and one-second condoms December 28, 2006

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Fire services in Scotland were left red-faced this week after a leaflet printed in Urdu urged people to jump on a donkey to flee a fire. In English the text read “Never jump straight out of a window, lower yourself on to cushions etc.” But in Urdu the message urged people to “lower yourself onto a donkey first”. After the mistake was pointed out the Scottish Executive issued an apology and will redistribute a new leaflet soon.

Wakefield council in West Yorkshire is investigating an unusual complaint – that a fish and chip shop smells of…fish and chips. New Scarborough Fisheries has been running for 40 years but owner Steve Morton is now having to ensure that his extractor fans are working correctly as part of the investigation.

“You’d think they’d twig that a fish and chip shop smells of fish and chips. It’s absolutely crazy,” he told the Sun newspaper. “Does the council want me to pay someone to stand outside with an air freshener?”

Workers in a waffle house in America had a shock this week after a fight in the motel next door spilled over into the restaurant. A naked fight. One of the workers told MSNBC News: “I was standing here and all of a sudden a man and a woman with no clothes on come running into the store.”

The woman claimed that the man she was staying with became abusive towards her, causing her to run naked out of their room and to the motel’s toilets. He than ran to the restaurant, also naked, shouting that he had been robbed. After the police were called a naked chase ensued before they stopped him and charged him (still naked) with driving under the influence.

Prompting the question ‘Why?!’, a new world record was made this week after an Austrian man managed to do a headstand on a moving car for 15 minutes.

The days of fumbling around in the dark to put a condom on could be long gone after inventors have created condoms that can apparently go on in just one second. The Pronto Condom comes with a built-in applicator that automatically unrolls the sheath. But don’t cheer too much just yet men, they’re not on sale outside of South Africa at the moment.

A toilet that played the Italian national anthem when it flushed is at the centre of a national row. Police seized the porcelain bowl after complaints that it was unpatriotic. Whether or not the row will prove to be a flash in the pan has to be proved, as a judge is set to decide whether the loo causes offence later this week.

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