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Giant saves dolphins, horse restores sight and Santa comes under fire December 28, 2006

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Without a doubt, the weirdest, quirkiest and downright pretty much most unbelievable story this week was the world’s tallest man saving dolphins. Towering at a mighty seven feet and 8.95 inches, Bao Xishun was drafted in to help when attempts to remove plastic shards from two dolphins’ stomachs failed as the creatures contracted their stomachs.

Xishun’s unusually long arms meant that he was able to reach inside their stomachs and pull the shards out, turning himself into a worldwide hero overnight.

A 23-year-old man was literally left red-faced this week after he was hit in the face with a cricket ball while testing his eco-friendly cricket box. Ben Foster ended up with a split eyebrow following the incident but managed to remain good humoured.

“The box stood up well,” he said. “We just need to make an eco-friendly helmet. I am perfectly fine in the box region, it is my head that’s sore.”

Most people love seeing others dress up as Father Christmas at this time of year, but it seems that not everyone feels the same way in Scotland’s Renfrewshire. The Paisley shopping centre’s Santa Claus has been forced to wear a hard hat after he was pelted with mince pies, the Metro reports. Less-than-savoury characters threw the food at him as he was handing out presents to shoppers. Centre bosses have now issue Santa with a hat in case there are any further attacks.

One man who is unlikely to be deterred by such attacks is 78-year-old Dan Jones. He has been playing Santa for 54 years, despite 17 heart attacks, two strokes, cancer and kidney failure. According to the Sun newspaper, Mr Jones even refuses to shave in the run-up to Christmas so that he has a genuine white beard.

“I’ve never missed a year — and don’t plan to start now. My philosophy is that there’s always someone worse off than you,” he told the paper.

“Being Santa is fantastic. Some of the little kids really think I am Father Christmas and, to be honest, sometimes I believe I am as well.”

A New York man who has been blind in his right eye since being struck with shrapnel 64 years ago has had his sight returned after being kicked by a horse. Don Karkos had been told by doctors that nothing could be done to restore his sight, but after being kicked in the same spot as the shrapnel he found that he could see a few hours later.

“I was putting a collar around his chest, and he whacked me real hard with his head,” he told the New York Daily News. “I was pretty shaken up, kind of dazed. Then, later that night, I started to get the vision back in my right eye.”

He added: “It was unbelievable. I’ve been seeing doctors all my life, and they’ve always told me there is nothing can be done.”

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