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Saved by BBQ sauce, pole dancing for kids and snow for sale December 28, 2006

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Although they probably wouldn’t want to admit it, a new survey has found that most condoms are too big for Indian men. The two-year study from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) claims that condoms on the market are oversized as their penises are shorter than the international standard for condoms. Doctor Chander Puri of the ICMR told the BBC that there is an obvious need for custom made protection to meet the needs of Indian men.

As Christmas approaches and it looks like once again the majority of us won’t see any of the white stuff, one company has come up with the idea of selling a vanload of snow. Bids for the ten-tonne delivery are being made on the internet auction site eBay, with current offers standing at the £700 mark. Whoever gets their hands on the snow will also become the owners of a decorated Christmas tree, a front door wreath and Christmas lights.

“If you were dreaming of a white Christmas, this unique listing can make your dreams come true,” said eBay spokesperson Richard Kanareck. But a warning comes with the offer, saying: “There is no guarantee attached to how long the snow will last and there is no provision for the snow to be removed.”

Smokers trying to kick the habit got more than they bargained for after they were mistakenly prescribed Viagra by doctors. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said that the blunder was due to a technical computer problem and that when GPs selected the anti-smoking pill Zyban computers chose sildenafil, the generic name for Viagra. A statement for the trust sought to reassure patients, saying that “at no time” was care affected.

Fans of pole dancing often rave about how great it is for toning figures, but now a fitness instructor has proposed that lessons be given to children. According to the Metro Laraine Riddell believes that kids as young as 11 should consider lessons.

“It has nothing to do with what you see in strip clubs,” said Ms Riddell. “It is a way of getting fit and having fun.”

A Japanese civil servant managed to survive 24 days stranded on a mountain by eating barbeque sauce. Mitsutaka Uchikoshi was with a group of workmates at a BBQ when he decided to walk down the mountain rather than go with them in the cable car. When he didn’t turn up the authorities were alerted and climbers sent out to find out.

Two weeks later, Mainichi Daily News reports, he was found with a broken pelvis and was unable to move. Recovering in hospital, Mr Uchikoshi said that he has spent the time taking small sips from a water bottle and the barbeque sauce bottle he was bringing back with him.

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