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This is Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe > January 30, 2007

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> as you’ve never seen him before!

In a set of provocative new photos to promote a play in which he stars, the boy wizard shows that he’s all grown up. Daniel Radcliffe, 17, appears bare-chested with a white stallion and with co-star Joanna Christie in photos promoting Equus, opening in London’s West End on February 27.

The British actor, who was 11 when he made his first Harry Potter movie, appears completely naked in the play, written by Anthony Shaffer. Radcliffe plays a stable boy in the care of a psychiatrist for his obsession with harming horses.

Producer David Pugh told the British press that Radcliffe had no hesitation in shedding his clothes. “We had never seen him with his clothes off before. We all went ‘Wow!’”

But not everyone is thrilled with Radcliffe’s racy role. According to the Daily Mail, some parents have threatened to keep their children away from the star’s next movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. After his run in Equus, which has already raked in more than $2.3 million in advance sales, Radcliffe will make one more Potter film, The Half-Blood Prince.

equus_studioshot1.jpg  Radcliffe with co-star Joanna Christie.

equus_studioshot2.jpg  Daniel Radcliffe shows off his toned body in this publicity shot for the play “Equus.”

equus_studioshot3.jpg  Radcliffe with Christie in another sexy publicity photo for “Equus.”

equus_studioshot4.jpg  In “Equus,” Racliffe appears fully naked in a scene with a horse.

equus_studioshot5.jpg  Radcliffe poses with a white stallion. “Equus” opens in London’s West End at the end of February.


Hogwarts and all > Harry Potter bares all January 30, 2007

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Harry Potter has a new role, as a naked pin-up. Daniel Radcliffe in a publicity photo for his London play. This is Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe as you’ve never seen him before.

Daniel Radcliffe, 17, has posed for some decidedly racy shots to promote his West End debut in Equus. Gone is the bespectacled schoolboy wizard.

This is Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe shirtless

In one picture he is seen with an equally naked Joanna Christie, who plays his girlfriend. Radcliffe strips for the role in Peter Schaffer’s controversial play about a stablehand’s erotic fixation with horses. As the troubled Alan Strang, he performs a nude sex scene with Christie for the play.

More to follow (yes, with pictures!) shortly. Stay tuned!

Spanish art’s most famous love story January 30, 2007

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It was thought to be one of the most romantic love affairs in the history of Spanish art, but the liaison between the rough and ready genius Francisco de Goya and the beautiful, capricious Duchess of Alba, the grandest grandee in Spain, has now been described as an “urban legend”.

According to a new book by Manuela Mena, a Goya specialist at the Prado museum, in Madrid, the social gulf between the two was never bridged. “It was an inequality he tried to overcome, but as an artist, not a lover,” she said.

Goya painted the duchess, Cayetana de Silva, several times, and she is said to have modelled for his twin “Majas” (beauties), one naked and one clothed, which are considered among the most erotic portraits in modern art.

The naked Maja offers the first example of female pubic hair in painting, but many consider the clothed version even more erotic. Her face is not that of the duchess, but the body bears close comparison to the delicate curves in the other painting.

Goya also painted two important formal portraits of the duchess, one clad in white, the other in black, that were reunited for the first time in years at a Prado exhibition celebrating Spanish portraiture in 2004. In one of them, the duchess wears two rings, bearing the names Alba and Goya, and points to the artist’s signature at her feet.

While researching an essay on the works, Ms Mena came upon a letter written by the duchess to her cousin, Carlos Pignatelli, “that showed her sadness and grief following the death of [her husband] the duke,” she said.

Far from turning to Goya in her grief, the duchess treated him like other members of her court, “like the librarian, the doctor or the butler,” Ms Mena said this week, presenting her book, The Duchess of Alba, Goya’s Muse: Myth and History. Ms Mena concedes that Goya’s portraits “bring out the best in her: attractive, spectacular, full of power,” but concludes: “I don’t think he was in love with her.”

The couple’s supposed romance has inspired novels, films and academic studies, including works produced by the Prado itself. Ms Mena’s bucket of cold water seems unlikely to douse the speculation.

The couple met when the duchess was a teenager, and they came to know each other well. Goya made many visits to her palaces to paint. In 1739, her husband, the duke, died aged 39. His widow, then 34, radiantly beautiful and at the peak of her social success, retired to the family estate in Sanlucar de Barrameda, near Cadiz, and invited Goya.

He stayed from July 1797 until the following March, and produced his most intimate portraits of his patron – taking siestas cuddling her adopted black daughter and teasing her maid. Two years later, the “Majas” appeared. Few will want to discard their “mythical” romance.

Women arrested for Craigslist prostitution January 30, 2007

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An undercover prostitution investigation conducted by Beaverton police led to the arrest of nine women.

The investigation began when police uncovered details of “erotic services” postings on the Portland-area Craigslist Web site.

Detectives contacted the women at phone numbers listed on their Craigslist advertisements and made arrangements to meet them at a local hotel. The women, ages 18 to 41, were arrested for prostitution when they arrived at the hotel.

Beaverton Police Chief David G. Bishop said, “This is another example of the Beaverton Police Department having a proactive approach to dealing with crime.  We were not only looking at the particular crime they were arrested for, but also for crimes related to prostitution, such as identity theft, illegal drug use and robbery.”

Fictional erotic story posted online January 30, 2007

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When a Victorian woman, in Australia, found a fictional erotic story about herself posted on the internet, it was a nightmare she had never dreamed possible.

The woman, who has asked not to be identified, contacted  the police. Victoria Police computer crime squad detectives found the fabricated story posted on a number of websites, and a number of yahoo.com profiles containing personal details of women along with comments allegedly made by them. Each woman was contacted and each denied knowledge of the profiles. Detectives discovered the profiles in an online group within Yahoo.com.

They contacted Yahoo. com in the US and a copy of all data within the group was obtained. This information led police to a male suspect in regional Victoria. Photos and computer-generated pictures of women and computer equipment was seized in a raid on his home. Child pornography was also found. The suspect pleaded guilty to cyber stalking and possession of child pornography.

He was sentenced to an eight-month intensive corrections order and placed on the sex offenders registry.