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Angostura serves up Black January 13, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Drinks & Beverages.

Black Power > Black, Angostura’s newest member of the Fernandes brands.

Black Power > Angostura’s newest member of the Fernandes brands.  BLACK!

This is not the name of a J’Ouvert or Carnival band but it is rum and cola in a bottle, Angostura Trinidad Limited’s newest addition to its line of ready-to-drink beverages.

Black was put on the market earlier this week, and now stands on the ready-to-drink beverages shelf right next to the company’s Lemon Lime and Bitters (LLB) and LLB Light drinks.

Angostura’s corporate communications manager Giselle La Ronde West explained the new beverage is a mix of Black Label Rum and cola. The carbonated alcoholic beverage, she said, was developed to match the taste of a rum and cola drink one would buy at a bar. “The taste is on par with the basic rum and Coke and is a 100 percent Angostura product,” she said. She pointed out that the beverage does not contain the Coca Cola drink but cola, which is made by Angostura. “It is ten percent alcohol and is an extension of the Fernandes Black Label line,” West added.

In an advertisement in yesterday’s Newsday, Black was described as “the modern way to enjoy rum and cola”. “The sun has set on tradition, the only mixing you’ll do is with the crowd… it packs a kick and it moves you,” the three-part ad said. On the bottle, the label says Black is “the taste you’ll enjoy while you do it in the dark.”

Angostura’s recent move to invest in ready-to-mix products has brought the company great rewards, said West. “The LLB has been doing really well, so well that we brought the LLB Light on the market and now the Black,” she said.

The new wave of ready-to-drink products has been on the market for almost a decade now. The most popular local ready-to-drink beverages, especially around this time of year are Orchard’s Sorrel and Ginger Beer in a box. Also very popular are the ready-to-drink mauby, expresso beverages, coffee and fortified teas and citrus coolers that boost energy.

Even as the beverage demand at local bars dictates the addition of a blender, ice and a wide range of flavourings, some consumers prefer to pay the higher prices for premium beverages that are ready to drink with just one pop of the cork.

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