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Daniel Radcliffe vs Harry Potter vs controversy February 1, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Movies.

Equus Poster  So what?

Is this the first time that an actor takes off his shirt and shows a bit of a hairy chest? Certainly not.

Why then the fuzz about Equus and Daniel Radcliffe?

Blinded parents, single minded, all kinds of prude morons, they say “No! Not for our childrens’ sake! This is pornography! Will not allow our children to view, watch, see or even touch!”

You silly morons!

You forget when you were young, touching yourselves in the bathroom, viewing a porno movie with your best buddy while your parents were away.

You silly morons!

You forget that censorship equals to dictatorship. You forget that if you say “No! This is not permitted” you lead your own children to sneak into that forbidden fruit! The more no you say the more they want to see, view, watch, touch, play, get it by all means, even if over dead bodies.

Ah! The flesh! The human flesh! It’s so much exciting! Especially when it comes from a hunk, like Daniel Radcliffe, at 17 now, is.

You morons!

Harry Potter was just a movie! You, crazy parents, you allowed your own children to grow up in the wrong dream. In the wrong way. You are the faults! You allowed your children to identify themselves with a movie-role! This is the kind of education you give to your children.

You morons! You are the ones to be sent to hell and to fire!

One of the best comments I have, so far, read on the net is this one >
Harry Potter and the Pornographic Play

Give it a read!

Oh, and by the way > we all grow-up eventually! Dan from an 11-year Potter star has grown-up and turned into an 17-year old (hot and muscled) hunk! Feeling jealous, eh?

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1. Justin V - February 2, 2007

Yeah, I agree. I saw this last night. I can’t believe all of the fuss. I could see if the Daniel, posed for playgirl or something, but he’s acting for a PLAY on stage. GOSH.

Oddly enough, the 7th book went on Pre-sale today..


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