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Real men wear pink February 21, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Fashion.

The colour pink is the number one fashion colour for men according to sales statistics at nationwide menswear retailer Moss. Over the last three years sales in pink shirts and accessories rose from 11% to 16%, with more men in London wearing pink than anywhere else in the country.

This Valentine’s Day Moss, the leading menswear retailer, will be campaigning for more men to wear the colour, which symbolises joy and happiness.

The Moss ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ campaign will begin in the first week of February with a selection of specially selected pink shirts, ties and cufflinks. Staff in the 118 Moss stores will also be wearing pink shirts and accessories.

pink_tie.jpg  Pink Statistics > Pink is the number one fashion colour for shirts >
1. Pink 36%
2. Lilac 24%
3. Black 12%
4. Navy 10%
5. Red 6%
6. Chocolate 5%
7. Green 5%
8. Yellow 3%

•Sales of pink shirts and ties have steadily grown over the last few years from 11% in 2004 to 16% in 2006 indicating a general trending up for the colour. Last year more pink shirts were sold in the South (65%) compared to the North (15%). London alone accounts for 34% of overall pink shirt sales.

Dr Veronika Koller, lecturer at Lancaster University, who has carried out research on the significance of colour comments: “Pink has more meanings than any other colour. Historically pink was worn by boys and blue was for girls. After the World War I there was a complete turnaround when blue became associated with military uniforms, male jobs and masculinity. The marketing industry adopted pink for girls simply as a contrast.”

Koller believes the trend has now come full circle. She adds: “Pink has become a fashion statement for men. Men who wear pink send out a clear message that they perceive themselves as being cutting edge, modern, out of the ordinary and special.”

This Valentine’s Day Moss has selected a special range of pink shirts and accessories. Matthew McCormack, shirt and accessories buyer for Moss, gives his top tips on how to wear pink. “Pink is a quintessentially British colour. British men have embraced this in a leading way over time, but this season it’s even more important as a key look.”

1. This season’s trend for all shades of grey and chocolate tailoring goes perfectly with pale pink accessories.
2. A pink shirt with a contrast white collar looks sharp and will give a modern edge to any city slicker look.
3. For the pink shy, an easy way to introduce pink into your work-wear wardrobe is by wearing a tie with pink only as a highlight colour i.e. navy with pink stripes.
4. Keep it simple and don’t over do it. Co-ordinate a pink shirt with a contrast coloured tie. Wearing tone on tone i.e. pale pink shirt with dark pink tie looks great but it’s a look only for the brave. 

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