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Topman.com > more than just fashion February 21, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Fashion.

Topman.com now offers more than just an easy way to shop for cutting edge fashion: it provides access to industry news, events and special offers, not to mention, a vast selection of brand new clothing lines.

The Topman.com collection currently features over 900 items online, some of which are exclusive to the company’s website and bigger flagship stores. Moreover, Topman.com is now continuously updated with 80-100 lines of mens clothes each week, so by shopping online, customers are guaranteed access to the hottest trends and latest collections.

But that’s not all: Topman.com also aims to keep customers in the fashion loop when it comes to industry news, events and special offers. For example, online visitors will have instant access to exclusive competitions offering prizes like tickets to major sold-out gigs. Users will also have the opportunity to sign up for Topman’s weekly stylemail e-newsletter, or even visit the company’s e-zine, ‘Topmanzine,’ which features Topman Design fashion videos and information on the latest trends. Topman.com even hosts a smart area which offers advice on purchasing mens suits or dressing smart with a casual Topman twist. So whether customers are looking for the latest in fashion tips or simply some casual wardrobe staples, they’re sure to find it online at Topman.com.

Looking for the perfect gift? Topman.com can help: whether it’s for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or a birthday, Topman has loads to satisfy even those who are hardest to shop for. With updated information, gift-giving ideas and tips on “ways to wear”, buying gifts is made simple. Online visitors can even create a wish list to send to friends and family, ensuring they receive exactly what they’ve had their eye on.

But best of all, Topman.com provides a quick and easy way to shop, without the hassle of queues and crowds. Many men will readily admit an aversion to conventional shopping; and if asked why, most would say that they haven’t the patience to visit shops, try on clothes and stand in a queue to pay for them. But if men could evade the hassles of shopping, what’s not to like? After all, everyone wants to look and feel good in what they wear.

With Topman’s comprehensive yet simple online shopping network and delivery system, customers can easily find and purchase stylish mens clothing, yet forego all the queues and crowds. And if an item doesn’t fit, it’s easy to return direct to Topman.com or one of Topman’s many stores across the UK. Plus, customers shopping online will always have access to the same great clothing lines featured at Topman’s flagship stores, so there’s no reason not to shop online.

When it comes to shopping, Topman knows just what men want: cutting edge fashion, in-the-know fashion advice and a hassle-free way to shop. The newly updated Topman.com site has been designed to offer all this and more with its latest online collections.

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