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Yahoo! does digg style boards, gets protests February 24, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Yahoo.

Yahoo’s new Suggestion Boards met with protests from digg users

Yahoo! has announced that it has launched its own digg-inspired service. Using the Yahoo! Suggestion Boards you may comment on various products and vote for them in a digg-like manner.

There are suggestions boards available for Yahoo! Answers, Autos, Autos Custom, My Yahoo!, Pipes, Real Estate, Site Explorer, Travel, TV, Upcoming.org, the Yahoo! Developer Network, and the Yahoo! Developer Network Gallery. Note that this is not a new digg per se, but a service that uses digg-like features. The purpose is not to suggest online news articles or blog posts, as digg does.

That has not stopped the testosterone-driven digg-community from going amok, however. The current Autos Suggestion Board is for instance dominated by comments from digg users complaining about the similarity to digg.com >

“Don’t rip off sites! Be original Yahoo. Come on, this is pathetic.”
“this is sad…how do you programmers/designers sleep at night?”
“Totally agree…Yahoo, come on you lame SOB’s…You couldnt change even the dam COLORS???”

and it goes downhill from there. It should be noted that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and that Yahoo! has credited digg in their own presentation. Moreover, digg does not have a copyright on online voting. We suggest that Yahoo! buy digg and put an end to all this complaining.

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