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The curse of being young, sexy and famous February 28, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Movies.

danradcliffeequus.jpg  Daniel Radcliffe made his stage debut in Equus to a crowd of impressed fans and a mob of screaming girls just outside the theatre. Even though his cast mates had to sneak out through a window to avoid all of the teeny boppers outside, Radcliffe is getting great reviews.

In the performance, Radcliffe shows off his harry potter on a horse when he rides in aroused and buck naked.  The advance photos had pedophile bloggers, such as Perez Hilton, swooning over the fact that they will get to see the teenaged star naked while the photos angered parents who worried it might make their young daughters and gay sons make a promiscuous move to see what the buzz is about.

Stage stars Jenny Agutter and Richard Griffiths had to climb out of a window to escape fans of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe as they laid siege to a theatre. A 450-strong gang of teenagers surrounded the stage door at the Gielgud Theatre, where Radcliffe is starring in play Equus. Police were called and dispersed some of the fans while Radcliffe was escorted to a car by security guards, but the other two actors remained stranded.

David Pugh, who is producing the play, said the escape bid was not easy for the veteran thespians. “Richard and Jenny had to get out through the side window by the box office on Rupert Street,” he told the Daily Mail. “You try to get Richard Griffiths out of a back window. It was a bit touch and go.”

Potter plays odd-minded stable hand Strang in the play, a role in which he appears naked for a sex scene. Mr Pugh said he was now expecting excited fans of the star but said he hoped they would remain sensible. “It was only after Peter Shaffer approved Daniel’s casting that we thought, ‘Ooh, what about the Harry Potter fans?’,” he recalled. “But touch wood, there has not been a single giggle or whoop or cheer.”

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