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Granny finds grenade in groceries March 4, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Odd World.

A 74-year-old Italian grandmother who bought a sack of potatoes at the her local market has found a live grenade among the spuds.

“I found a bomb in the potatoes,” Olga Mauriello said. “I went to the market to buy some potatoes and that’s where the bomb was. But this bomb was covered in dirt, and I put it in water and got all dirt off and then I realised ‘it’s a bomb’.”

Police say the pine cone-shaped grenade, which had no pin and was still active, was the same type used by US soldiers in Europe in World War II.

Authorities believe the mix-up happened at a farm in France, where the grenade was plucked from the ground along with potatoes.

To the woman’s relief, police and explosives experts in the small town of San Giorgio a Cremano, near Naples, recovered the grenade and safely detonated it.

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