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What are Google users searching for? March 8, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Google.

The Norwegians are searching for love, and they are also big fans of One Tree Hill, according to Google’s list of most popular search queries for January. Love was No.1 in Norway, Manchester United was second and the locally filmed teen drama was No. 3.

Map sites, airlines and online communities were the most popular searches in many countries. Greece, however, seems obsessed with pop culture. Greece’s top 15 list included Shakira (No. 1), Angelina Jolie (No. 2), SpongeBob (No. 6), Fergie (No. 9), Eminem (No. 11) and Avril Lavigne (No. 14).

Paris Hilton ranked No. 1 in Italy and No. 4 in Germany and Hungary. Britney Spears was No. 1 in Mexico, but in Italy, she ranked only 13th, two spots behind Winnie the Pooh.

Prison Break, the TV show, appeared on the lists from Greece, Hungary and Poland, where it finished just below Walentynki (Valentine’s Day). In Argentina, Los Simpsons was No. 10, just ahead of High School Musical.

This week’s zeitgeist of searches gaining popularity put American Idol’s Antonella Barba at the top. Al Gore moved up to No. 7, one spot behind “giant squid.”

For a complete list of the most popular Google searches, visit www.google.com/zeitgeist 

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