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7 Weapons That Changed Warfare March 12, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Science.

The new movie 300 is the story of an epic battle between the Greeks and the Persians set in 480 BC.

Even as far back as that era, the state of technology played a critical role in warfare. Better bows, blades, and armor often meant the difference between the conquerors and the conquered, and if a civilization was using obsolete weaponry, it could prove disastrous. Just ask the Aztecs.

Looking back to ancient and medieval times, we’ve picked out seven weapons that had a profound effect on how wars were fought. Back when knights were bold, kings reigned supreme, and battlefields shook with the clanking of swords, these devices commanded fear and respect from the armies that had to face them. The sun eventually sets on all technology, though, so we’ve also taken a look at the modern upgrades that left these weapons as obsolete museum pieces. Follow the link below to check out the list.

Read this interesting and illustrated article at > 7 Weapons That Changed Warfare

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