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Goalie’s backward kilt stirs up Scots March 18, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Fashion, Sports.

Kilt aficionados were aghast over Hearts goalie Steve Banks wearing Scotland’s national costume backward, but others have guessed it was a joke.

Banks was promoting the Hearts’ Player of the Year dinner, sporting the kilt in club tartan when he was photographed, the Edinburgh News reported. Among those spotting the error was celebrity kiltmaker Alison Adamson-Ross of Macpherson, Scotland, in Grosvenor Street

“It’s absolutely embarrassing,” Adamson-Ross told the newspaper. “His laces were badly tied. They should be tied at the ankle and have the loops to the side or front. It’s a bit odd that he’s wearing a plaid: It is usually worn by bridegrooms.”

The author of a guide on how to wear the national dress correctly, Nick Fiddes, governor of the Scottish Tartans Authority and a kilt exporter, also said the episode was embarrassing. “It’s being worn back-to-front, which is a surprisingly common mistake,” he told the newspaper.

Not everyone thinks it was a mistake. Apparently, Banks had been shown carefully how to wear the kilt, and there has been speculation among that he purposely wore it backward.

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