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What Soldiers of the 21st Century will look like March 21, 2007

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The Defence Ministry has begun the modernisation of the armed forces from the tiniest details so it could be harmonised with NATO.

The Croatian Defence Ministry has handed to the government an annual report on the status and preparation of the Armed Forces. The documents contain interesting information with the aim of turning the Croatian soldier into a soldier of the 21st century.

The statistics indicate that around 24,000 people are employed by the Defence Ministry and their age is 38.8 on average. Seeing as Croatia is drawing closer to Europe and NATO, the Armed Forces are intensively working on the modernisation and boosting of preparedness of the soldiers. The ministry is, thus, stimulating the learning of foreign languages with the aim of professional development, so soldiers who are taking part in international missions were sent to the Katarina Zrinski language school in 2006. Some 300 of them completed the English language course, 32 soldiers completed the German language course and 28 Croatian army employees completed French.

This year the ministry also reduced the number of older personnel and military personnel whose health conditions do not meet the criteria for remaining in military service. Two thousand military personnel and some 200 ministry officials were dismissed from service.

As far as recruitment is concerned, 34,000 recruits were checked up in 2006, of which 60 percent were proclaimed fit, 21 percent temporarily unfit and as many as 19 percent were declared unfit to serve in the military. Although the Armed Forces armament is satisfactory for the needs of Croatia, it is still not compatible with the NATO weaponry.

This in consideration, the Defence ministry increased the purchase of combat equipment and weaponry. For example, last year a certain amount of assault rifles were purchased, as were night vision systems, armours and night vision goggles. Also, the ministry purchased two demining devices and diving equipment. Activities on the NEBO (SKY) project continued, so several new radar positions had been installed.

The ministry initiated the development and creation of test samples of an official autumn-spring jacket and camouflage uniforms are being designed. The jackets are made from waterproof material, so the soldier will remain dry in the rain. Also, the materials allow normal evaporation of perspiration and the breathing of the skin. New footwear for Croatian soldiers is also prepared. They are boots with a waterproof membrane that keep the feet dry even if they walk in water or snow.

In cooperation with the Food and Bio-Technology Faculty in Zagreb, the ministry started the realisation of the project “Nutrition for the Croatian Soldier in the 21st Century”. The project implies the application of the system of military nutrition in specific conditions, whether it be in combat, tasks during training or other crisis situations. It is a known fact that such conditions demand a maximum of physical and psychological efforts, so soldiers should be secured healthy and adequate nourishment.

To arrange such a menu, the recommendations of not only world organisations, such as the WHO and FAO should be taken into consideration, but also specialised bodies dealing with the development of military nutrition. A more modern type of nutrition would be developed with specific characteristics for conditions of a long stay of the Croatian army in the field.

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