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Dot eu domain names > survey April 12, 2007

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Just one year after its launch, almost two thirds (63%) of the European online population are aware of the .eu Internet top level domain name and 45 % know that they, as residents of EU, can get their own .eu domain name. These are some of the findings of a survey conducted by the independent company, InSites, on behalf of EURid.

“The registration growth has been exceptional and the increasing awareness of .eu domain names has played a significant role in this,” Patrik Linden, EURid’s Communications Manager, commented.

Further statistics show that almost half of those surveyed associate a .eu website or email address with something “European”, 25% do not pay attention to the top level domain while surfing and 10% believe that .eu domains have an “international” feel.

Residents of the Czech Republic, Poland, Luxembourg, Greece, The Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark are the most .eu-aware while those in Finland, France, Hungary, Spain and the UK are lagging behind.

With 2.6 million registrations in a year, .eu is now Europe’s third-largest name space, behind .de (Germany) and .uk (Great Britain) and is slightly ahead of .nl (The Netherlands). Internationally, .eu is only surpassed by .info, .org, .net and .com.

About 30 percent of .eu domain names have been registered by private individuals while companies and organisations have acquired the rest. German users have the largest slice of the .eu cake, with over 795 000 .eu registered domain names. The next most enthusiastic subscribers to the new top-level domain have been the citizens of the UK with just above 439 000 .eu domain names registered, followed by the Dutch with slightly more than 320 000 names.

See the EURid website for more details on the survey: http://www.eurid.eu/content/view/199/26/

Source > http://www.domaininformer.com/news/news/070412EUrid.html

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