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Australians ‘more homophobic than racist’ April 18, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Gay Life.

Australians may not be as tolerant as they think.

Research examined rates of bigotry in Western countries and found Australians had some deep prejudices. Prof John Mangan from the University of Queensland said the results suggested Australians were more homophobic than racist.

Almost a quarter of respondents said they wouldn’t want homosexuals to move in next door, and just under 5 per cent said they didn’t want people of other races over the back fence.

“While countries such as Northern Ireland and Greece came out as the most bigoted countries, across the board people were more likely to be homophobic than anything else,” Prof Mangan said. “In Australia this was very much the case. It was a surprise to see such consistency across all countries.”

Income, education, employment and political leanings all had an impact on bigotry levels.

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