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Not gay, says Ian Thorpe April 18, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Gay Life, Sports.

Australian Olympic medal winner Ian Thorpe, who has consistently dismissed gay rumours, talked to Australian Good Weekend magazine about his “gay icon” status.

Thorpe, who has won more than nine medals at the Olympic games for swimming, also denied being gay adding that no one “should have to be asked that question”. “I became a gay icon when I was 15,” he said, “which was a little bit weird. When I was 17, everyone had started that speculation about me, though I didn’t hear about most of it.”

The swimmer, dubbed Thorpedo and known for his size 17 feet, previously said he was flattered by gay rumours – but expressed frustration with the never-ending assumptions.

“I think the gay speculation, along with when I was accused of taking drugs in 2000, was an attempt to pull me down from the top. Some people think it’s an insult to say, ‘Oh I think he’s gay’, but I don’t take it that way. I’m not gay. I’m lucky that within myself I don’t care enough to get worried or upset over it.”

When asked by journalist Janet Hawley that if he was gay, would he feel comfortable coming out, Thorpe retorted, “I have no idea, because I’m not gay.” “I don’t think anyone should have to be asked that question. You don’t have to come out and declare you’re straight. It shouldn’t be a big deal today, but people still get hang-ups over it.”

The gay rumours mostly stem from Thorpe’s penchant for designing pearl necklaces and suspicious metrosexual habits.

However, Thorpe insists, “Guys are just guys, girls are just girls, all of us are different. Some guys are more in touch with their feminine side, interested in design and quirky things, some are blokey blokes.”

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