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Men’s sexuality and style April 19, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Fashion, MetroSexual.

Ubersexual is inspired by the term metrosexual and the recent obsession with male stereotyping which also spawned the descriptions retrosexual and technosexual. Technosexual refers to a metrosexual with a strong interest in technology. The retrosexual is in some sense the forerunner of the ubersexual, the classically average male who represents the antithesis of the metrosexual.

Advertising company J. Walter Thompson, the original promoters of the term, pinpoint various criteria by which metrosexuals and ubersexuals can be distinguished. These include propositions such as: ‘while the ubersexual is passionate about causes and principles, the metrosexual is only passionate about himself’, and ‘while the ubersexual grooms his mind, the metrosexual grooms his hair’!

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