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Belgium annoyed by Dutch hash cafes April 21, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Lifestyle.

The prime minister of Belgium says a plan to move hash cafes in Maastricht, The Netherlands, to the outskirts of town violates international agreements.

The move would put some of the cafes close to the border, and the Belgian city of Lanaken, Expatica reported.

In a letter to his Dutch counterpart, Jan Peter Balkenende, Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt said The Netherlands had agreed to keep its hash cafes, where marijuana and hashish can be smoked without fear of prison, away from the border. Another treaty bans signatories from having a drug policy that creates problems for a neighbor, Verhofstadt said.

Maastricht Mayor Gerd Leers suggested that Verhofstadt is more interested in getting re-elected than in drug policy. “Elections are coming up in Belgium and Verhofstadt’s party isn’t doing well at the moment,” Leers said.

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