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Chocolate is sweeter than a kiss April 21, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Chocolate.

Women have always known about the sensual effects of chocolate but it has now been proved that it is an aphrodisiac for men too.

Researchers who monitored the heads and hearts of romantically involved couples found they responded more to chocolate melting in their mouths than kissing.

The findings showed that even the most passionate kisses fail to equal the ‘buzz’ of chocolate. ‘These results really surprised and intrigued us,’ said psychologist Dr David Lewis, who led the study.

‘While we fully expected chocolate, especially dark chocolate, to increase heart rates due to the fact it contains some highly stimulating substances, both the length of this increase together with the powerful effects it had on the mind were something none of us had anticipated.’

Dr Lewis, formerly of the University of Sussex, now runs a private research company called The Mind Lab. He added: ‘There is no doubt that chocolate beats kissing hands down when it comes to providing a long-lasting body and brain buzz. A buzz that, in many cases, lasted four times as long as the most passionate kiss.’

Tests were carried out on 12 volunteers, all aged in their twenties, using a new Cadbury chocolate called Deeply Dark.

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