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Pregnant cow runs amok across German city April 25, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Odd World.

A pregnant cow being chased by police and firefighters caused more than $41,000 of damage on a three-hour rampage through the German city of Hanover.

The cow, Uschi, escaped from a farm late on Monday and became increasingly violent as she encountered shocked drivers and pedestrians in the city. Pursued by the farmer, television camera crews and 30 police and firefighters, the Charolais cow lashed out at cars, benches, garden fences and whatever else got in her way during the five-kilometre chase, authorities say.

After more than three hours on the loose, Uschi was brought down by tranquilliser darts, without harming her unborn calf, fire services spokesman Martin Argendorf says.

“She probably won’t remember any of it when she wakes up again. But the farmer will, because he’s going to have to pay damages of about 25,000 euros [more than $A41,000,” he said.

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