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Panasonic launches 11 new Lumix digital cameras April 28, 2007

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Panasonic has launched 11 new models from its Lumix range of digital cameras, for the Middle East market.

The new digital cameras include the DMC-TZ3, DMC-TZ2, DMC-FZ8, DMC-LZ7, DMC-LZ6, DMC-FX30, DMC-FX12, DMC-FX10, DMC-LS75, DMC-LS70 and DMC-LS60, each with a host of unique and innovative features to meet varied requirements of professional and amateur photographers in the region.

Yasuo Kimoto, Product Manager, Panasonic Marketing Middle East, said, “These 11 new models will complement our existing models in the market and present consumers with more choices when they are looking for digital cameras that offer a complete package in terms of performance, styling, ease-of-use, affordability and technological advancements.”

“We expect models like the DMC-FZ8, the DMC-TZ3 and TZ2 in particular to create major excitement in the regional markets given their user-friendly features and superior technology adaptations that significantly enhance the digital photography experience,” he added.

Panasonic’s DMC-TZ3 and DMC-TZ2 each feature a 28mm wide-angle Leica DC lens. The DMC-TZ3 boasts 7.2 megapixels and a large, 3.0-inch LCD, while the DMC-TZ2 has 6.0 megapixels and a 2.5-inch LCD. The TZ3 and TZ2 are the latest members of the Lumix TZ family of digital cameras, which is renowned for packaging a remarkable 10x optical zoom lens in a compact, stylish body.

The two new models also incorporate the Intelligent Image Stabilization system which comprises two features, Mega O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) and Intelligent ISO Control. Now recognised as a must-have feature for digital cameras, Mega O.I.S. compensates for the effects of hand-shake, making it possible to capture clear, crisp photos indoors, at night, or when taking macro close-ups or using high powered zooming, situations in which hand-shake is most likely to be a problem. Even Mega O.I.S., however, cannot suppress the motion blur caused by a subject moving as the photo is being snapped. That’s where Intelligent ISO Control comes in. In this system, the camera’s Venus Engine III image-processing engine detects whether the subject is moving and, as necessary, automatically raises the ISO setting and shutter speed according to how fast the subject is moving and the light conditions.

Other features include a Clipboard function that holds information, several new scene modes, and a Direct Print feature that allows quick, easy printouts. Also, the lens cap is now built into the camera itself and serves as an automatic protective barrier. Around 12.7 MB of built-in memory is provided, and the cameras are compatible with large-capacity SDHC memory cards.

Panasonic’s DMC-FZ8 is a 7.2-megapixel camera featuring a powerful 12x optical zoom lens that comes with the Venus Engine III image processing engine and the Intelligent Image Stabilization system to guarantee high quality pictures in all kinds of shooting conditions.

It has a 207,000 pixel LCD and a 0.44-inch EVF (electronic viewfinder) with a resolution of 188,000 pixels, making it easy to see both when monitoring and playing back images.

Other features include enhanced operation with a multi-purpose joystick, which further simplifies exposure compensation. Frequently used functions, such as light metering, AF (auto focus) mode, ISO setting, and white balance adjustment, are quickly and easily handled with the Quick Setting function. Moreover, the position of the AF area can be selected among the 11 positions in the single point mode, the multi-point mode and the spot mode.

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