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Male cosmetics go main-stream April 29, 2007

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High street cosmetics giants, Clinique has raised the bar in male cosmetics, launching a concealer aimed directly at the male consumer, a move that will no doubt boost the growing trend for male grooming.

Male grooming has long been on the rise, with the male skin care market in Western Europe forecast to grow by a further 15.5 per cent by 2010, from $305mn to $323mn, according to market analysts Euromonitor. However, until recently the colour cosmetics segment has been quiet, driven mainly by the gothic trend, which goes for the heavily made up, dramatic look.

But it seems that as society moves into the ‘metrosexual’ era, with male role models such as David Beckham and Robbie Williams all professing to using products such as concealer and mascara, men are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of cosmetic products. The launch of the M Cover concealer product by Clinique, its first foray into male cosmetics, pushes the company further into the public eye as a trend setter.

With celebrities such as Russell Brand, whose image is based around heavy eye make up, hosting prime time television shows in the UK, men are being actively encouraged to embrace the cosmetic era and are beginning to wear products on a daily basis.

lemale.jpg  Despite premium cosmetics company Jean-Paul Gaultier kicking off proceedings with the launch of its Le Male Cosmetics range in October 2003, the trend is still relatively new with there being no refined data on the size of the market at present.

However, with mass retail stores such as H&M getting in on the act and launching male mascaras, due to ‘consumer demand’, it should only be a matter of time before there are dedicated male cosmetic segments in most beauty retail outlets and stores. France based company, L’Occitane launched a mass market male cosmetics range, Cade Male Cosmetics, in 2005.

Despite this upsurge in cosmetics in stores, it would seem that the internet is still a prime retail area for the more self conscious male consumer, who would perhaps still feel inhibited by openly buying the products in a shop. Briony Davies from market research company Euromonitor stated,”The fact that the Internet enables men to browse and explore products that are not necessarily au fait within a non-threatening environment, explains why an increasing number of male grooming players are taking this tact”.

Clinique has created an online competition for men to win its M Cover product, which requires consumers to enter an email address that is then used to tell the consumer of new products that are being launched. As more and more manufacturers recognise the increased need from the male consumer to look and feel good, it should not be long before there are more and more specified cosmetic ranges aimed directly at men.


Dinos on display April 29, 2007

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After a 17.7-million euro renovation, Berlin’s Museum of Natural History will reopen five redesigned exhibit halls on July 13.

This includes the Dinosaur Hall, home to the spectacular Brachiosaurus Brancai, the world’s tallest mounted dinosaur skeleton. The exhibition features seven dinosaurs “running” as a group through the museum’s Light Hall.

See www.naturkundemuseum-berlin.de 

Do you have what it takes to be a model? April 29, 2007

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There are two types of model: the classic sexy man and the gaunt androgynous boy.

The height requirements are fairly strict with 6-foot-1 being perfect, according to Norwayne Anderson of NAM Models. He represents Burlington tradesman Andrew Stetson, who appears in Calvin Klein’s Euphoria fragrance campaign with Natalia Vodianova. At 6-foot-2, a guy would be “pushing it for runway,” Anderson says. And 6-feet is on the short side, but not out of the question.

However, Tara Lanoway, men’s agent at Elmer Olsen Models, has two models 6-foot-3. Alex Loomans is a “Prince Harry type” from Burlington, who appears in the current Polo Ralph Lauren ads. Casey Taylor, a 6-foot-3 native of Pontypool, Ont., appeared in 25 fall runway shows in Paris, Milan and New York. His right-angled cheekbones and trademark freckles have also won him jobs with Levis and Diesel.

In terms of size, male models split into two clear “types.” The classic man is a 40 regular to 41 large, with a 32-inch waist and 32- or 34-inch inseam. The gaunt boy type can range from 38 regular to 40 large with a 28- or 29-inch waist.

“These are the boys you see in magazines like Arena, Numero and L’Uomo Vogue,” Anderson says. “They’re so different you tend to pay attention to them.” Anderson says that even though a model appears huge in a photograph, they are actually quite “compact.”

dolce.jpg  “We’re talking 2 per cent or less body fat. When they take off their shirt, the body is ripped. These guys, if they are not on a runway they are in the gym because they are the product and they have to ensure the product is of the highest quality.”

Anderson also looks for high cheekbones, a classic nose, lighter eyes than hair, and full lips. “You want a really angular face with small, compact features so that when you light it in front of a camera, the angles pop.”

Despatie dominant again April 29, 2007

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Ace from Quebec finds his legs to win gold medal at Pan Am trials in Vancouver

despatie_alexandre.jpg  Alexandre Despatie got his “jumpers” back this weekend. That spring in the legs of the Canadian diving ace from Laval, Que., meant domination on the boards as Despatie easily won both the 10-metre and three-metre events at the Pan Am Games trials at Vancouver Aquatic Centre.

It has been a whirlwind last few weeks for the 2004 Olympic silver medallist. World championships in Melbourne last month, home for a couple of days, then a Grand Prix in China, then directly to Vancouver last week.

Despatie, 21, won the three-metre event Sunday with 1,017.60 points, well ahead Eric Sehn (792.75) of Edmonton, and Miranda (785.80) of Pointe Claire Que. On Friday, Despatie won the 10-metre with 1,046.70 points, receiving at least 9.0’s on all six dives in the final including four perfect 10’s on his forward three-and-a-half in the second round.

Despatie, who missed most of last year with a neck injury, was eighth on platform in Melbourne after capturing silver in both the three-metre and three-metre synchro.

China swept 11 of the 12 gold medals at Melbourne, but Despatie insists they may not be as invincible as everybody seems to think heading towards the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Despatie says he’s been working on a couple of new dives for the three-metre, a reverse 3.5 pike and inward 2.5 pike. But he’s not sure he’ll incorporate them into his list at the Pan Ams, which go July 13-29 in Brazil, or for Beijing.

While the eight person Canadian team, four men, four women, for the Pan Ams in Rio de Janeiro won’t be announced until perhaps today, Despatie’s decision not to compete in the 10-metre synchro likely opens the door for Riley McCormick, 16, of Victoria, to join Rueben Ross of Edmonton. They were third and second, respectively, in Friday’s platform.

Shane Holiday and his….. sofa! April 29, 2007

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Another video from the New Breed series at the All American Guyz, especially if you are into the buff guy style >