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Male cosmetics go main-stream April 29, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in MetroSexual.

High street cosmetics giants, Clinique has raised the bar in male cosmetics, launching a concealer aimed directly at the male consumer, a move that will no doubt boost the growing trend for male grooming.

Male grooming has long been on the rise, with the male skin care market in Western Europe forecast to grow by a further 15.5 per cent by 2010, from $305mn to $323mn, according to market analysts Euromonitor. However, until recently the colour cosmetics segment has been quiet, driven mainly by the gothic trend, which goes for the heavily made up, dramatic look.

But it seems that as society moves into the ‘metrosexual’ era, with male role models such as David Beckham and Robbie Williams all professing to using products such as concealer and mascara, men are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of cosmetic products. The launch of the M Cover concealer product by Clinique, its first foray into male cosmetics, pushes the company further into the public eye as a trend setter.

With celebrities such as Russell Brand, whose image is based around heavy eye make up, hosting prime time television shows in the UK, men are being actively encouraged to embrace the cosmetic era and are beginning to wear products on a daily basis.

lemale.jpg  Despite premium cosmetics company Jean-Paul Gaultier kicking off proceedings with the launch of its Le Male Cosmetics range in October 2003, the trend is still relatively new with there being no refined data on the size of the market at present.

However, with mass retail stores such as H&M getting in on the act and launching male mascaras, due to ‘consumer demand’, it should only be a matter of time before there are dedicated male cosmetic segments in most beauty retail outlets and stores. France based company, L’Occitane launched a mass market male cosmetics range, Cade Male Cosmetics, in 2005.

Despite this upsurge in cosmetics in stores, it would seem that the internet is still a prime retail area for the more self conscious male consumer, who would perhaps still feel inhibited by openly buying the products in a shop. Briony Davies from market research company Euromonitor stated,”The fact that the Internet enables men to browse and explore products that are not necessarily au fait within a non-threatening environment, explains why an increasing number of male grooming players are taking this tact”.

Clinique has created an online competition for men to win its M Cover product, which requires consumers to enter an email address that is then used to tell the consumer of new products that are being launched. As more and more manufacturers recognise the increased need from the male consumer to look and feel good, it should not be long before there are more and more specified cosmetic ranges aimed directly at men.

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