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Greek Science Fiction Fans April 30, 2007

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This is a must-to-read-and-see, definetely >

*You probably don’t want to trifle with these Greek sci-fi characters. Their magazines feature one-eyed bondage-pirate girls with chainsaws while the back covers sell absinthe.

*Even their gamer scene is pretty hairy.


Via > Wired


British metrosexual men demand spa breaks April 30, 2007

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More burnt-out Brits then ever before are heading to luxury spas and health farms to heal mind, body and soul, reveals a new report.

Last year alone Brits enjoyed 205,000 “health and wellness” holidays at home and abroad which include fitness, mental and physical relaxation, medical treatments, beauty treatments, spa visits, mineral and thermal baths, health farms and even cosmetic surgery trips. And the popularity of such trendy treatments, one the preserve of well-heeled women, is being fuelled by ‘metrosexual’ men.

In 2006 Brits spent an estimated £135 million on these kinds of holidays where they benefited from the likes of yoga classes, holistic healing, spa visits or even surgical recuperation. And retail experts predict spending on health and wellness holidays will more than double by 2011.

The research shows that health and wellness holidays have really captured the nation’s imagination with up to one-in-three adults having tried spa-type treatments, saunas or jacuzzis on their holidays within the last 12 months alone.

Meanwhile, as many as one-in-four (24 per cent) have had a massage while on holiday, significantly higher than those who have had such treatments as part of their normal daily life. And, no longer the sole domain of well-heeled women, men are now just as keen on these treatments. Metrosexuality is scarcely a talking point any longer. It is now the norm.

It’s healthy to be a metrosexual April 30, 2007

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Men in touch with their feminine sides, such as David Beckham and Jamie Oliver, are less likely to have heart attacks than their more macho counterparts.

A study by Glasgow University researchers discovered so-called metrosexuals, who are wellgroomed and spend a lot of money on their appearance, have healthier hearts.

More masculine men, who care less about their appearance, are at a higher risk of coronary disease than metrosexuals.