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Artistic mud wrestling May 1, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Entertainment.

Mud wrestling and art aren’t commonly associated. The Come Out festival, however, this year is bringing them together, in a way that only an Adelaide festival can.

Performed by South Australian theatre company Chopt Logic, The Most Massive Woman Wins tells the story of four very different women battling body-image issues. So, what better way to combat them than wrestle in mud?

“If we all honestly couldn’t care less about how we look, the streets would be a glorious riot of colour, texture and shape,” director Jenn Havelberg says. Funnily enough, we think she’s referring to the dirty side of beauty. . . right?

Artistic director of the festival, Sally Chance, says “it’s a thought-provoking, funny and touching piece of physical theatre”. We bet there’s some guys who wouldn’t mind getting in on the action.

Three of the stars of The Most Massive Woman Wins, Catherine Campbell, Tina Mitchell and Lisa Lanzi, entertained guests at the program highlights launch of the festival at the Art Space yesterday. Thankfully, everyone came away squeaky clean.

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