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Sexiest music videos May 1, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Music.

Take a look at music videos that are so hot they will melt even the most solid TV sets.

Following the rule that sex sells everything, most musicians try to show nearly all of their attributes in the music video. So that D’Angelo took everything off, Shakira wrestles in mud, Christina Aguilera parades around in pants that show more than they cover. We have chosen for you ten absolute winners in the category of the sexiest music videos, and you can chose your own favourite.

1. SHAKIRA – “La Tortura”: Regardless of her good  singing skills, Shakira still tries to give everything of herself in the video “La Tortura”. There is everything there, from voyeurism, to scenes around the kitchen table. Who would think that cutting vegetables can be sexy? Well, if Shakira is cutting them, it can be! It was directed by Michael Haussman, and Shakira participated in creating the choreography. 
2. SHERYL CROW – “Soak Up The Sun”:  Is there anything else nicer than half naked surfers on a sunny beach? There probably is, but Sheryl Crow put effort into becoming one of the most popular singers with a positive vibe and an attractive video.
3. BRITNEY SPEARS – “I’m a Slave 4 You”: One she played a virgin and a girl who came from a Catholic school, but Britney in the video “I’m A Slave 4 You” passes all the barriers dancing half naked, of course, surrounded by half naked people. The director of the video is Francis Lawrence, who is known for his cooperation with stars like J. Lo, Justin and Gwen Stefani.
4. D’ ANGELO – “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”: The third single from D’Angelo’s album “Voodoo” became famous once the video came out where the singer is totally naked. With his figure it is not hard to see the work from his more “clothed” videos. He was nominated in four categories for the MTV Video Music awards.
5. CHRIS ISAAK – “Wicked Game”: The popular video was directed by Herb Ritts, and in it the model Helena Christensen appears, of course, half naked on the beach. Both Helena and Isaak are half naked during the whole video, but the camera hid only those most “risky” parts of the body. The video was awarded with three MTV Music Video awards.
6. NELLY – “Hot In Herre”: The lyrics of this song by themselves call upon the listeners to take their clothes off, and in a similar atmosphere are the protagonists, including Nelly, who finds it quite hot. The video was released in 2002 as the first single of the album “Nellyville”.
7. CHER – “If I Could Turn Back Time”: Few consider Cher a sexy woman today, but in that time, Cher looked quite good, and she showed it best with the song “If I Could Turn Back Time” in which she sings on a boat full of sailors in a very revealing clothing which consist of a net shirt, under which she wore a mini bikini. The video was banned on MTV in 1989.
8. CHRISTINA AGUILERA – “Dirrty”: Christina, at the start of her career, just like Britney, kept her virgin state, but with time she revealed that this type of style does not bring a lot of money, so she turned to more explicit lyrics, and videos. The real proof of this is the video for “Dirrty” which was directed by the Rolling Stones photographer, David LaChapelle. The video was banned in Thailand, because it allegedly contained banners with offensive writing in the Thai language.
9. NO DOUBT – “Underneath It All”: Gwen Stefani however, knows the limits of good taste, and in the video “Underneath It All” shows a lot, but not too much. It was directed by Sophie Miller, and the most intense scenes happen whilst Gwen in turning about on a bed without any makeup.
10. DURAN DURAN – “Girls On Film”: This video was one of the first which was banned by MTV. This time, for too many naked women, men in thongs, mud wrestling and similar intense scenes. It was directed by the duo Godley&Crème and the video warns of using women in commercial purposes, but that message did not influence MTV’s decision.

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